Thon hotel Bristol

We recommend that you stay at the conference hotel.

Hotel Bristol offers a high standard and is one of Oslo's finest and most traditional hotels.

Located right in the center of Oslo.

Price pr. night NOK 1795 for our guests in singleroom (NOK 1995 in doubleroom) at the ENFSI, EDNAP and CODIS meetings and exhibitions. This has to be booked throug the registration site for the ENFSI meeting.

Currency rate 27. mars 2023: NOK 1795 approx. EUR 163

Hotel Bristol is known for its venerable interior, atmosphere and top-class service. The hotel has its own concierge, patisserie, beautiful function rooms, winter garden, library bar, Bristol Bar & Grill, fitness room and a large conference center with modern technical equipment.

In recent years, Hotel Bristol has been upgraded and the unique details have been preserved.

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